Culture in the Luxembourg Ardennes

The natural assets of the region of Luxembourg Ardennes are not its only attraction, its cultural life is also a draw. With a rich and eclectic cultural programme, fortresses from the middle ages and museums of all kinds, art and history lovers will not be disappointed.

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From spring to autumn, the Our valley market is organized in this place every last Saturday of the month, where all sorts of delicacies can be purchased.

Beer lovers will appreciate the fact that the Our valley ("Ourdaller") brewery  produces unique beers, including an absolutely exceptional buckwheat beer. For more information on the guided tours of the brewery, please contact the Tourist Center (Tel.: +352 92 17 45 1).


83, Haaptstrooss

L-9753 Heinerscheid

Tel. : +352 92 17 45 1 / 



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