Culture in the Luxembourg Ardennes

The natural assets of the region of Luxembourg Ardennes are not its only attraction, its cultural life is also a draw. With a rich and eclectic cultural programme, fortresses from the middle ages and museums of all kinds, art and history lovers will not be disappointed.

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Hoscheid, Hoscheid-Dickt and Unterschlinder attract attention due to their charm, beauty and decorative flowers and plants. The sumptuous floral decoration of houses, public squares and roadsides led to Hoscheid being awarded the prize for the regional contest “Schein Dierfer a Stied” in 2010 for the fourth time.

The Ardennes vegetation in rocky surroundings and the five well indicated walking trails recognised by the Ministry of Tourism will encourage you to explore the vast natural setting: (La Molberlay, the musical walking trail) An 1852 chapel and the Paterbësch & Deck Lay walk at Hoscheid-Dickt. There are several trails and a mountain bike circuit of 26.50km which go from Hoscheid to the romantic valley of Unterschlinder and Oberschlinder (1874 chapel) alongside a small stream.



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