Culture in the Luxembourg Ardennes

The natural assets of the region of Luxembourg Ardennes are not its only attraction, its cultural life is also a draw. With a rich and eclectic cultural programme, fortresses from the middle ages and museums of all kinds, art and history lovers will not be disappointed.

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The town of Ettelbruck - alt. 210m, 7,900 inhabitants. Due to its location at the heart of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, where the rivers Sûre, Alzette and Wark converge, it is through Ettelbruck, still called the “Gateway to the Ardennes”, that the major roads and railways pass, linking the north and south of the country.

Ettelbruck is the largest town in the Luxembourg Ardennes, and is an open-minded and multicultural town: 42% of its inhabitants are of 54 different nationalities.

There is a monument and a Patton museum in honour of the American general George Patton Jr. who liberated the city.
The most important festivities are the National Agricultural Fair, the “Nei Ettelbréck” and the “Candle Night”.

The commercial town attracts a large number of visitors, due to the high number and quality of its modern shops. The third largest shopping area of the country, with an attractive pedestrian zone, it offers a variety of restaurants with traditional, French, Italian, Chinese, Turkish and Armenian restaurants, cafes, bars and ice-cream parlours with terraces, quality hotels and a first-class campsite with the Eco-Label.

The Centre des Arts Pluriels Ed Juncker (CAPe) offers a multidisciplinary artistic and cultural programme of the highest quality.



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