Culture in the Luxembourg Ardennes

The natural assets of the region of Luxembourg Ardennes are not its only attraction, its cultural life is also a draw. With a rich and eclectic cultural programme, fortresses from the middle ages and museums of all kinds, art and history lovers will not be disappointed.

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In the historical heart of Diekirch, the MH[s]D offers you a glimpse on the secrets of an often misjudged past and its reflections in today’s everyday life. Discover in a playful way objects and approaches of the archaeologist, investigations of the historian, observations of the geologist, the urban phenomena or the mysteries of beliefs.


Opening hours:

10:00 - 18:00 (every day except Monday).

Closing dates: 24.12; 25.12; 1.1; Carnival Sunday, Al Dikrich (mid July).


13, rue du Curé

L-9217 Diekirch

Tel: +352 80 87 90 -1

Fax: +352 80 87 90 -25 / 

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