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"Nordic Walking" Kurs in Bettendorf

Type : Guided Walking tours

With an introduction course of "Nordic Walking", the "Syndicat d'Initiative" Bettendorf and the ESIMSO would like to give all interested parties in spring the possibility to get to know the effectiveness of this health-promoting movement concept on splendid ways around Bettendorf.

Under technically qualified guidance of Mrs. Jutta Kanstein, the basic technique is initially provided, in order to make thereafter a trip through fields, forests and meadows.

"Nordic Walking" as a movement concept for everyone offers to you:

  • Effective complete body training with personal objectives

  • Increase of the general well-being by stress dismantling and the reinforcement of the immune system

  • Improvement of the endurance, coordination, strength and mobility

  • Help for losing weight

  • Stimulation of the heart cycle activity

  • Joint-careful training

Start is on the 13th May at 2:30 p.m. in Bettendorf/Camping.

For drinks and a small lunch is ensured.


    Informations contact

    Organisateurs : Syndicat d'Initiative Bettendorf & ESIMSO

    Email :

    Locality : Bettendorf

    Syndicat d'Initiative Bettendorf
    6, Rue du Pont
    L-9353 Bettendorf
    Tél.: (+352) 80 38 13 / (+352) 80 44 20

    B.P. 41
    L-9401 Vianden
    Tél.: (+352) 84 93 25
    FAX: (+352) 84 93 25 72


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