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Photographic exhibition "The Family Of Man" Clervaux (Castle)

Clervaux is the final home of " the greatest photographic exhibition of all time" created in 1955 by Edward J. Steichen for the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Edward J. Steichen was an American photographer originally from Luxembourg. In 1951, in the middle of the Cold War, he began working on his great project of creating an exhibition which would use the universal language of photography to promote understanding between people. He appealed to professional and amateur photographers, to artists known and unknown to the general public, and his idea was received enthusiastically. Steichen finally made a selection of 503 photographs by 273 artists in 68 countries. These made up " The Family of Man ". It includes 37 themes ranging from love to faith, and taking in birth, work, the family, education, children, war and peace and so on.




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Château Clervaux
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Localité : Clervaux

Périodes d'ouverture

Closed on Monday except in high season it is open everyday.
From 01.03.05 - 31.12.05.
From Tuesday until Friday.
From 10.00 a.m. until 6.00 p.m.


Adults: 4,5 eur
Children/students: 2,5 eur
Group (min 12 Pers.): 3 eur/pers
Guided visits by request.

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